We go to great lengths to ensure Sunday mornings at Trailhead are a welcome place for individuals and families to come and worship with us regardless of age, or past religious experience.

Those wishing to attend are welcome to park in the school’s parking lot and use the main entrance adjacent to the school office. Complimentary coffee and refreshments are served in the main hallway starting at 10:00 am, and community worship begins at 10:30 am in Valour’s gymnasium.

Children under the age of 2 are invited to remain with their parents during the worship service, either seated with the rest of our church family, or in a designated nursery area in the gym that is furnished with soft, exercise mats and additional seating for parents. Infants and toddlers up to age 3 are welcome to enjoy childcare for the entirety of the morning in a classroom, located directly across from the School Gym entrance. Children in JK through Grade 4 are invited to start the morning with the rest of our Trailhead family in the gym, and partway through the worship service these children will be dismissed to enjoy our Sunday morning children's ministry, ‘Trailhead Kids’ in the school cafeteria.

Morning worship at Trailhead includes a time of heartfelt worship and praise; and once we’ve spent some time lifting our voices together in song, it is our hopeful desire that our collective hearts would be properly prepared to turn our attention towards the Bible, as Pastor Tim will walk us through a passage of scripture to uncover the deep truths and insightful wisdom that God has preserved for us within His Word.

As the morning concludes around 11:45 am, we hope that you will have strengthened both your relationship with God, and with others that you have just joined together with in worship; as we share a bold desire that this experience will aid you in personally developing a stronger sense of God’s provision, mercy and compassionate grace – – properly preparing you to face the week ahead with a greater confidence that you are deeply loved by a God who cares.