Welcome to Trailhead Baptist Church

Following co-vid’s arrival in March of 2020, our church family was no longer able to gather for worship at Valour School, as all external bookings became cancelled. Since that time, we have gathered for worship: online, at the Civic Centre, and outdoors at Centennial Park. But with current restrictions becoming lifted, our use of the Civic Centre will become more and more limited, as local community events resume. After searching for both a more reliable and permanent location to worship weekly, God has opened a door for us to begin gathering for worship at the Silver Threads Seniors Club of Petawawa (1163 Victoria Street) beginning Sunday, September 5, 10:30 am. We are both thankful and excited for God’s faithful provision of a new homebase from which to minister and serve the community of Petawawa.

For those unable to join us in person for worship, we will continue to post our weekly messages on Trailhead's YouTube channel.


Why 'Trailhead'?

For those who live in the Petawawa community, most are already familiar with the vast Petawawa trail system that extends throughout the area, but the name 'Trailhead' was not adopted as a geographical reference alone. The term 'trailhead' depicts the point at which a trail begins... and in a fashion, we are starting a new journey ourselves with the development of this exciting, new church work. However, the church is not a building... the church is people, and we hope that Trailhead Baptist Church will become a departing point from which Christ followers can take what they regularly learn through sound biblical teaching, in the midst of encouraging, supportive relationships with other believers, to personally go out into the world, living a life of courageous faith in their homes, neighbourhoods, workplaces and anywhere else their own personal 'journey' leads them. 

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