At this time, Trailhead Baptist Church remains a ministry of Calvary Baptist Church, Pembroke. Our broader vision is to become a church family that will be able to sustain itself through the tithes and general givings of our church community, but in these early stages of our infancy, we have not yet reached such independence, and remain a part of the extended ministry of Calvary Baptist Church, Pembroke to reach and minister to the neighbouring community of Petawawa.

If you would like to financially support Calvary Baptist Church's Trailhead ministry, whether locally or from afar; you can give to Calvary Baptist Church indicating a desire to support their Petawawa ministry at Trailhead through your computer or mobile device at anytime, from anywhere, by choosing one of the following two giving options. Annual tax receipts that support this extended ministry of Calvary Baptist Church, Pembroke will be given from Calvary Baptist Church, Pembroke accordingly.


  1. Visit your online banking site, and log-in to your personal account.
  2. Add 'Calvary Baptist Church Pembroke' as an e-transfer recipient, using the email: (you'll only need to do this on the first occasion).
  3. Adding a 'security question' is not necessary, as 'automatic deposit' is in place.
  4. Once 'Calvary Baptist Church Pembroke' as an e-transfer recipient has been established, you can choose a specific amount to give.
  5. Please indicate 'Trailhead' as the recipient of your donation to direct your givings accordingly.


  1. Using your mobile device, dial 613-707-6350.
  2. Text 'Give 20' (or whatever dollar amount you'd like to contribute).
  3. You will then receive a prompt to choose 'Trailhead' from a list of recipients.
  4. A following prompt will ask you to confirm the amount you provided.
  5. Text 'Yes' or 'No'.
  6. You will then be asked if you would like this gift to be recurring?
  7. Text 'Yes' or 'No' to indicate your preference.
  8. You will then receive a text, 'Tap this link to complete your gift of $___ to Trailhead'.
  9. By tapping this link, you will be forwarded to '' in order to register your name, address and method of payment (you will only need to do this on the first occasion).
  10. Following your registration, a message will then be sent out to you to confirm your giving.

Thank you in advance for considering to financially support Trailhead's ongoing ministries - - if you choose not to do so at this time; your kind prayers are always greatly appreciated.