The Trailhead Family itself is made up of a great number of families with young children, and we seek to do our best to offer dynamic programs for these children in our care! Our Sunday morning children's ministry is located in the glass atrium/cafeteria, immediately inside Valour's main entrance. Upon arrival, all families are invited to 'sign-in' their children prior to the beginning of the morning worship service, to retain a Trailhead Kids caribiner clip, which will possess a corresponding number for their child.

Babies and young children are always welcome to remain with their parents in the gym for the duration of our morning worship service; and if your young child is a bit more active, families are welcome to use the seated area with accompanied exercise mats on the floor, while enjoying the service. We also have a specially prepared program for infants and toddlers up to age 3, that lasts for the entirety of the morning worship service in a classroom located directly across from the gymnasium entrance.

Older children in JK thru Gr. 4 are welcome to join our church family for worship in the gym, before being invited forward to enjoy a brief devotional at the front of the gym partway through the morning, prior to being led back to the cafeteria for a time of fun, interactive, age-appropriate teaching, crafts and activities of their own, led by a team of awesomely friendly volunteers. Upon the closing of the morning's worship service, parents are encouraged to return to the cafeteria, where children can be signed out, and returned into their care.

Children in Gr. 5 & 6 are welcome to either help our children’s ministry workers as assistants, or enjoy the entirety of the morning worship service; while students Gr. 7 and above are encouraged to remain in the worship service with the rest of our Trailhead family, with the choice to serve monthly as an assistant with Trailhead Kids.