About Us




Trailhead Baptist Church is a 'daughter-church' birthed out of the ministry of Calvary Baptist Church in nearby Pembroke. After serving close to seven years as part of Calvary's pastoral team, in the Fall of 2014, Pastor Tim Roddick began leading monthly Saturday evening worship services at the Petawawa Civic Center in an effort to broaden the scope of our mission to passionately share Christ with others. Receiving ample affirmation from the Calvary church family and community of Petawawa that God was indeed calling us to develop deeper roots for an ongoing ministry in the area, CBC began to explore establishing a more permanent Gospel-centered community of faith in Petawawa.

On November 1st, 2015, God graciously opened doors for us to begin holding weekly Sunday morning worship services at Valour School in Petawawa under the name of Trailhead Baptist Church. At this time, still in its infancy, Trailhead remains an extension of Calvary Baptist Church's ministry, with the aspiration to, in God's timing, mature and develop into a community of faith that will be able to sustain itself.