At this present time, our Trailhead Family is gathering for weekly worship at the Petawawa's Silver Threads Seniors Club (1163 Victoria Street), Sunday mornings at 10:30 am with the following guidelines in place...

  1. Self-Screening. Prior to leaving your home, please perform a personal assessment of anyone planning to attend the morning’s service. If an individual has: a new or worsening cough; shortness of breath or difficulty breathing; is feeling feverish; experiencing chills; runny nose; unnatural fatigue or weakness; new muscle or body aches; a recent loss of smell or taste; worsening headache; gastrointestinal symptoms; or are feeling an overall sense of unwellness; we encourage these individuals to remain home and watch the week’s message on our church’s YouTube channel until their condition improves.

  2. Masks. Individuals are required to wear face coverings while within the building, with the exception of children under 5 years of age, and those with existing medical conditions. Anyone who requires the use of a microphone during the service can do so without a mask, should they maintain a distance of two metres apart from any other person while speaking or singing.

  3. Parking. Our church family is welcome to park anywhere in the main parking lot.

  4. Point of Entry. Those attending the morning’s service are asked to enter the building through the front entrance and follow the stairway to the hall on the second floor.

  5. Elevator. For those whom stairs are a challenge, a lift is located on the main floor; that we would be happy to assist you with using.

  6. Washrooms. Washrooms are located on the Upper Floor where the Hall is located.

  7. Attendance List. As per government guidelines, we are required to keep a record of all participants of the morning service, to aid in contact tracing. As you enter the Hall upstairs, someone will be available to take down your name and phone number to prevent multiple handlings of the list.

  8. Bulletins. At the upstairs entrance to the Hall, a table will be positioned where you can pick up a morning bulletin. 

  9. Sanitizing. After ‘signing in’ we encourage everyone to use the hand sanitizer that will be readily available for use on a table at the entrance to the Hall, or please feel welcome to use your own.

  10. Shared Resources. Shared resources are presently frowned upon, so bibles will not be made available to borrow. You are welcome to bring your own, and we will additionally aim to project scripture for you on the wall over the course of the morning.

  11. Seating. A selection of chairs with multiple groupings will be set up in the proper arrangement to maintain a two-metre distance from anyone outside of your immediate family.

  12. Offering. A weekly offering will not be collected physically; online giving is encouraged.

  13. Length of Service. We plan to start at 10:30 am, with the service concluding at, or before 11:30 am.

  14. Teardown. While we appreciate the offer of help; at this time all of our audio equipment is to be handled and taken down, only by members of the worship team, and designated assistants.